Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Kal nad Kanalom

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The Austro-Hungarian military cemetery is located above the village of Kal nad Kanalom. Except for the fence and corner columns that delimit the onetime cemetery, no visible traces of it survive. By the end of October 1917, 53 soldiers had been buried in the cemetery, 23 of them were unknown. After the war, Italian authorities exhumed soldiers from several cemeteries in the vicinity and transferred their mortal remains to this cemetery; however, the number of these reburied soldiers is not known. At that time, both Austro-Hungarian and Italian soldiers were buried in the cemetery. In the 1930s, the latter were exhumed and transferred to the Italian charnel house at Oslavia/Oslavje.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers


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The military cemetery Kal nad Kanalom lies at the southwestern fringe of the village of Kal nad Kanalom in the direction to Kačja Draga. The easiest access to the cemetery is from Kanal ob Soči or Doblar in the directon towards Avče and then towards Kal nad Kanalom. In Kal, turn right at the first fork and continue to the end of the village, where a monument to the fallen combatants of the National Liberation War stands by the road. The cemetery lies in the depression below the main road; a minor cart track leads to it.


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