Historical Routes in the Gorizia Region

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Medium | 5 days

At the end of the 19th century, Gorizia/Gorica/Görz, also called “Austrian Nice”, was considered an architectural gem and was a popular holiday destination of the aristocracy and upper bourgeoisie. However, in 1915 everything changed. The city suddenly found itself at the centre of the war whirlwind, and the surrounding mountains of Sabotin, Calvario/Kalvarija and Monte San Michele/Debela griža became the sites of bloody battles. One hundred years later, the paths that criss-cross these heights are still a tragic testimony to suffering, heroic deeds and resistance. Nevertheless, they also stand for peace, hope and the coexistence of people along the border.

The starting point of the 5-day self-guided tour is the city of Gorizia, which allows you to experience its characteristic border atmosphere. You will visit Mt. Calvario, the ossuary in the hamlet of Oslavia/Oslavje and Sabotin hill, where a multi-level cave system can be seen. You will ascend the stairs of the mighty chanel house in Redipuglia/Redipulja and continue along the Kras Plateau to the well-preserved First World War Thematic Park in Monfalcone/Tržič.


Photos: (1, 3, 6) Schirra/Giraldi, PromoTurismoFVG; (2, 4) Matevž Lenarčič, Aerovizija; (5, 8, 9) Fundacija Poti miru; (7) Tanja Gorjan

Useful info

Price per person: 515,00 € (the price applies to a double room)

Price includes:
accommodation in double rooms
4 half boards
parking area
GPX tracks for all the stages
transfer from Gorizia or Nova Gorica to Redipuglia Charnel House
telephone assistance during the tour

Extra payment: single room supplement

Assembly point: Gorizia/Gorica or Nova Gorica
Best time of year: April–October

Adequate physical condition is required for 4.5–5 hours of walking per day.


Center za obiskovalce Pot miru, Kobarid
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Kobarid)
Gregorčičeva ulica 8
SI–5222 Kobarid
+386 5 389 0167, +386 31 586 296

Hiking Families Researchers Groups
Medium | 5 days


5 days