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The Mazora family museum collection is one of the oldest and the most extensive collections of its kind in the Upper Soča Valley. The collection comprises of around 5,000 diverse items: different coins found on overgrown trails and paths, pieces of home tools used in the old homesteads of Breginj, boundary markings, signboards, arms and other objects that give witness to the turbulent past of this border area, numerous tools, devices, personal items, clothes, books and other small objects that formed, enriched and facilitated everyday life of the people living in Breginj and nearby hamlets. Alongside the numerous objects, the collection is recently being enriched with written records of local words that are sinking into oblivion, recipes for dishes typical to Breginj, and folklore of Breginjski kot. In the carefully and thoughtfully organised Mazora family collection you will also find numerous items and written records that after the earthquake and subsequent renovation works would have ended up in the junkyard. Every item unveils an interesting story about the humble, diverse and culturally rich past of the village of Breginjski kot.

Text: Kulturna dediščina med Alpami in Krasom, Vodnik po zbirkah/L’eredità culturale fra Alpi e Carso, Guida alle collezioni, ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, 2015, p. 80.
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From Kobarid, drive in the direction of Italy. At the roundabout in the village of Staro selo, exit for Breginj. Follow the road to the village of Breginj. After the village sign, turn right at the second crossroad and continue on the tarmac road for another 100 metres. The museum collection is located in the building on the right side of the road.


Zdravko Mazora
Breginj 81a
SI‒5223 Breginj
+386 51 356 507, +386 5 384 98 80

Visiting the private collection is possible by prior arrangement.

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1 hr

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46.262684, 13.429736

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