Castelmonte/Stara gora

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Castelmonte/Stara gora is held to be one of the most important shrines in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The first Christian shrine was supposedly erected on the top of the hill as early as the Roman period. The church has been renovated and rebuilt several times. It was affected by fires (15th century), looted by French soldiers (1797) and damaged by German shelling in World War II. To be safe from the Turkish inroads, the sanctuary and the monastery were walled in; the walls have been preserved.
The monastery belongs to the Franciscan Order. Castelmonte is a part of the group of three churches that pilgrims can visit on foot, by bike or by car. The other two pilgrimage churches are Sveta Gora above Nova Gorica and Marijino Celje at Lig. Castelmonte is the central pilgrimage site of Slavia Veneta.


Source: Bandelj Andrej, Pipan Primož: Videmsko, Založba ZRC, Ljubljana, 2014, p. 12.
Photos: Fundacija Poti miru


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The Natisone Valleys – The Rear of Friuli and the Front from the Isonzo to the Piave

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Santuario Beata Vergine di Castelmonte
I‒33040 Castelmonte – Prepotto (UD)
+39 0432 731094 – 701267

IAT Cividale del Friuli
c/o Palazzo de Nordis
Piazza Duomo, 5
I–33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)
+39 0432 710460

Centro visitatori ‟Walk of Peace”,
IAT Valli del Natisone
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre,

IAT Valli del Natisone)
Via Alpe Adria, 73
I–33049 S. Pietro al Natisone (UD)
+39 349 3241168, +39 339 8403196

Hiking Biking Families Groups
1 hr


1 hr

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46.093935, 13.519881

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