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The place is historically and symbolically important in the context of the Battle of Solstice. After fierce combats in mid-June 1918, the Austro-Hungarian Army managed to cross the Piave River in its lower course between Candelù and Caposile. However, despite several attempts supported by substantial reserves, their troops failed to advance deeper beyond the front line. Because of the flooding Piave River and constant fire from the Italian artillery and Air Force, the Austro-Hungarian High Command realized it was impossible to break through deeper into the sector, and in the night of 23 June they ordered the suspension of the offensive on the whole front and the retreat to the left bank of the river.

Text: Regione del Veneto
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If coming to Caposile along the road SP43 (Via Armellina), turn left before crossing the bridge over the river Sile (before entering Caposile). Park your car by the street on the right side and cross the bridge.


Centro visitatori “Walk of Peace, MUB Museo della Bonifica
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, MUB Museo della Bonifica)
Viale Primavera, 45
I‒30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)
+39 0421 42047,

Hiking Biking Researchers
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20 min.

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