Thematic Park Bombaschgraben, Pontebba

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Bombaschgraben Great War Thematic Park of Pontebba was opened in the summer of 2015. It is managed by the Quello che le montagne restituiscono Association. Here ran the first line of defence built by the Austro-Hungarian Army to hold back a possible Italian invasion from the south.

The Rio Pontebbana River divided the town below the museum on the Austro-Hungarian part Pontafel and the Italian part Pontebba. The thematic park is divided into three interconnected sections (green, blue and red). Visitors can visit individual parts of the park, depending on oneʼs interests and physical capacity. Information panels are found in different parts of the park that enable the visitor to independently uncover the events that happened in this place.

There are two possible starting points to visit the museum: you can start your visit at the old border crossing in Pontebba on the altitude of 560 metres, from where you complete the last 382 metres of ascent on foot to the top of the thematic park, or you can drive for another 3 kilometres on SP110 towards the Pramollo Pass and leave the car in the parking area by the road and continue on foot towards the thematic park (731 a.s.l.)

Thematic Park Bombaschgraben spreads over a wide area and offers its visitors amazing views of the surrounding hills and the town of Pontebba. A visitor can see the renovated Austro-Hungarian positions of the first defence line (caverns, trenches, machine-gun and artillery positions, barracks for the commanding officers and artillerymen, anti-aircraft defense positions, searchlight position …).

The keepers of the museum strive to regularly maintain the museum and to expand it. Since 2023 Bombaschgraben is richer for 400 metres of paths, and visitors can take advantage of numerous organised guided visits and events.


Photos: Paolo da Pozzo, PromoTurismoFVG

Access and useful info


From the direction of Tarvisio: Follow the road Via Giuseppe Mazzini and before crossing the bridge across the Rio Pontebbana turn right to Via Pramollo (SP110). Continue on the road and after the bridge over Rio Bombaso stay to the right (SP110). From the bridge it is only 1.8 km to the starting point of the Bombaschgraben Thematic Park.


Quello che le montagne restituiscono
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Hiking Families Researchers Groups
Medium | 2‒4 hrs


2‒4 hrs

GPS coordinates

46.521989, 13.298963


942 m (the highest point of the thematic park)

Starting point

731 m (parking lot)

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Trekking clothing and footwear, trekking poles, drinks and food from backpack, flashlight