Battery Rocchetta—Fort Alberoni

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It was built by the Austrians in the years 1849–1850 on the Lido of Venice, in the locality of Alberoni. The Battery Rocchetta is open, straight faced, with short sides and a water moat. Both fronts have a simple traverse bastion, set for artillery. The battery kept control over the so-called “harbour mouth” of Malamocco and the estuary of the canal of San Pietro.
Situated nearby is Fort Alberoni, a quadrangular polygon, with sides that form almost 90-degrees angles to suit the terrain. A moat surrounds the perimeter and protects it from possible sieges. The design features two fortified fronts, built on two vertices of the polygon and facing the seashore and the lagoon, respectively. A third front was added later, facing the port. The fort was equipped with two masonry turrets, used interchangeably as powder kegs depots, shelters for the garrison, and positions for sighting enemy ships.

Text: Regione del Veneto
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Access possible from Strada Zaffi da Barca. There are also several bus lines leading to the Alberoni – Rocchetta area (lines 11, A, N), starting from the main Vaporetto (passanger boat) stations of the Lido.


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