Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Bate

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The Austro-Hungarian cemetery Bate is situated next to the civil cemetery at Bate. Initially, those Austro-Hungarian soldiers were buried here who, during the first ten Isonzo Battles, fell on the battlefields between Kanal and Deskle or succumbed to wounds in the nearby hospital. After the end of the Eleventh Isonzo Battle, during which the Austro-Hungarian defenders withdrew to the Banjška planota plateau, many unburied soldiers remained on the battlefield. After the occupation of this territory the Italians buried several thousands of unknown soldiers in a mass grave. Mortal remains of Italian soldiers who had been buried in this cemetery were exhumed in 1935 and buried in the Italian charnel house at Oslavia/Oslavje. On that occasion, the cemetery was tidied up and the rundown wooden grave markers were replaced with concrete headstones. The original size of the cemetery was much larger, but its section by the church of the Holy Cross was subsequently intended for the spread of the civil cemetery. When the cemetery was rearranged again, the preserved concrete headstones were used for the building of an oval wall with four arches.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers


Photos: (1) Fundacija Poti miru; (2, 3) Simon Kovačič

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The military cemetery lies next to the civil cemetery at the northern fringe of Bate. The village is located on the Banjška planota plateau; access is possible from several directions: from Kanal ob Soči, Avče, Grgar or from Čepovan. Next to the church of the Holy Cross lies a civil cemetery adjacent to which is the military cemetery.


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