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The small museum of World War I was set up in the family home of Zdenko Mužič who has been scouring the sites of former battles for sixty years. Initially, the tons of bombs, mines and grenades he recovered were sold as scrap metal, until he eventually recognised their historic value and became a collector. He prefers small items (i.e. buttons, belt buckles, pins, medals, rings) over large ones such as weapons. He has a story to go with every artefact, even the tiniest thing that would have been carried by soldiers in pockets, recounting how it was found, its purpose and significance. A flamethrower’s asbestos suit, a gold fountain pen and several intricate watches are the pride and joy of his collection.


Text: Brochure Powerful Stories Behind Small Collections, Turistična zveza TIC Nova Gorica, 2016
Photo: Fundacija Poti miru (symbolic photo)

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Solkan‒Grgar‒Grgarske Ravne‒Bate‒Lohke


Zdenko Mužič
Banjšice 19a
SI‒5251 Grgar
+386 5 307 56 42 (Zdenko Mužič), +386 31 584 208 (Darjo Mužič)

Visiting the private collection is possible by prior arrangement.

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
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1 hr

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