Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Ajševica

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The Austro-Hungarian military cemetery Ajševica lies east of the hamlet Parkovšče. Buried in it are soldiers who fought in the areas of Panovec, Rožna Dolina and Markov hrib. These units were parts of the 58th Infantry Division. According to the data of Italian authorities that organized exhumation of soldiers from military cemeteries in the 1930s, 1,265 soldiers are buried here.
The cemetery was arranged in the 1980s. Preserved are only a few headstones, two bigger grave memorials, and the central monument on which a bigger wooden cross was formerly mounted.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: Fundacija Poti miru

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The military cemetery Ajševica lies in the lee of Panovec at the fringe of Ajševica. The easiest access to the military cemetery is to go from Rožna Dolina (Municipality of Nova Gorica) towards Ajševica. After a good 500 metres after the junction for Stara Gora, turn right to the macadam road and go straight for less than 200 metres, and at the fringe of the village the military cemetery lies.


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