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San Michele VR

With AR and VR into the time of World War I

The Multimedia Museum of Mount San Michele offers to visitors a unique experience in Virtual Reality (VR) that allows the viewer to see life scenes in the trenches, listen to the stories of war correspondents, all to re-experience the tragic moment of the gas attack on 29 June 1916 and the overflight of the tableland of Doberdò/Doberdob on the Spad XIII plane navigated by Francesco Baracca. Additionally, the experience is enriched through 2D and 3D interactive maps, where one can see the reconstructions of the Cima 3 gunner tunnel and the cave named after General Lukachich. Another map allows you to view the points of interest and VR tours of World War I sites in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The Museumʼs offer is enriched by Augmented Reality (AR) app. It is accessible at some points of the outdoor museum San Michele/Debela griža. The San Michele AR mobile app is dedicated to the entire sacred area of the outdoor museum. It will give you more information about the monuments, the routes, the galleries of Cima 3 and the entrenched lines. With the purchase of the museum ticket, visitors can activate the augmented reality (AR) contents.