Javorca 1916–2016

Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca—a Hundred Years of “the Basilica of Peace”

Exhibition authored by: Damjana Fortunat Černilogar, Tolmin Museum

The online exhibition was created on the basis of the eponymous museum exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the construction of the Church of the Holy Spirit at Javorca.

“The wooden sanctuary is situated amidst a fairytale mountain world high above the riverbed of the Tolminkaas if the builders had wanted to bring close to the soldiers, dead or alive, the beauty they were deprived of in the trenches.

… The church at Javorca has been proclaiming peace for long decades. Time ago to soldiers in the midst of the whirlwind of war and nowadays to us who are looking for a way out of the whirlwind of modern haste .”


Text:Andrej Praznik, Družina, 8 January 2006
Photo: Archive of Simon Kovačič