Hurra! Avanti Savoia!

The Changes that the War Brought

Exhibition authored by: Jaka Fili, Kobarid Museum

World War I started in time when the world was shattered by great technological changes. The war accelerated the changes not only in the army itself, but they left a mark on the landscape and mostly on the society.

The exhibition presents the changes that World War I brought. It is divided in three parts where each of them presents certain area. The first part presents the changes in army field. World War I presents the transition from Napoleonic way of fights in condensed formations in colourful uniforms to modern warfare with smaller, mobile units. These changes affected all army formations, which the exhibitions shortly presents.

Second part presents the changes that the war left in the landscape. From devastation and pollution to numerous construction projects, which results are seen even today at the ex-battlefields.

Third and the last part presents socio-political changes. These were extremely far-reaching. On one hand, the situation led to employing war invalids and recruitment of women labour force, which accelerated emancipation. On the other hand, the political changes that the war brought are felt somehow even today and still influence current politics.

The exhibition can be viewed until May 2022 during the opening hours of the Kobarid Museum.


Text: Kobariški muzej
Photo: Jaka Fili, Kobariški muzej