War Museum Idrija

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Slavko Moravec started to collect historical items soon after 1991, and year by year his collection grew bigger. At first, he stored it in his home garage, but after some persuasion from the part of Idrija Municipality, he opened his private museum which is now located on the ground floor of the former mine grain warehouse in the Old Town Square (Trg Sv. Ahacija).
The private collection of Slavko Moravec is exhibited on 170 square metres and the items are displayed in chronological order. The collection includes original items, documents and photographs from the period of World War I, Italian occupation, World War II, to the periods after the war and up until the Slovenian war for independence.
Part of the collection are different cold weapons and firearms, ammunition of all types and sizes, uniforms and helmets of all armies that were present in the Idrija region in the 20th century, other army equipment, medals and accolades, personal items of soldiers, and the model and a rail of the narrow-gauge field railway, etc. Photographs and original documents nicely complement the collection.
The museum can boast a collection connected with the air rocket attacks of allied forces over Idrija during World War II. The collection includes photos of the event, items (parts of exploded rockets), videos, documents and much more.

Text: Sandro Oblak
Photos: Bojan Tavčar, ICRA

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If coming from Ljubljana or Tolmin, turn towards the centre of Idrija to Lapajnetova street. Right after the bus station on the left, the street turns towards the parking lot above the bus station. Park your car there and continue on foot towards the centre. The path descends to Anthony’s shaft, and cross the bridge from there. On the other side, continue straight until you reach the passage. The War Museum Idrija is to the right of the passage.


Vojni muzej Idrija
(War Museum Idrija)
Slavko Moravec
Trg Sv. Ahacija 4
SI–5280 Idrija
+386 41 407 651

TIC Idrija
Prelovčeva ulica 5
SI–5280 Idrija
+386 5 374 39 16

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