Cemetery of Heroes in Valbruna/Ovčja vas

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Numerous Austro-Hungarian soldiers died in the Julian Alps during World War I. In the summer of 1915, their bodies were buried in several smaller cemeteries. In 1916, military authorities decided to transfer their mortal remains to the cemetery near the second line of defence in Valbruna/Ovčja vas/Wolfsbach. The cemetery was named Heldenfriedhof (Cemetery of Heroes). Concrete tombstones that mark the graves nowadays replaced the original much simpler wooden crosses. Buried here are also 500 soldiers who blocked the Italian attack on Piccolo Jôf di Miezegnot/Mala Poldašnja špica in July 1916 and Russian prisoners of war who worked in the rear.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: Paolo da Pozzo, PromoTurismoFVG

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Coming from the direction of Tarvisio/Trbiž/Tarvis, follow the road SS13. Before Ugovizza/Ukve/Uggowitz turn to Via Saisera. Follow the road for another 3 kilometres. After passing Valbruna/Ovčja vas/Wolfsbach, the military cemetery will be seen on the right.


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20 min.

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