Tolmin Museum

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A general museum with the seat in the former Coronini palace is located in the centre of Tolmin. Besides the collections from the fields of archaeology, ethnology, general history and history of art, it also houses movable heritage of the Isonzo Front. It boasts the collection of finds from the worldwide famous archaeological site of Sveta Lucija in the area of the present Most na Soči, which belongs to the Hallstatt culture. Also the culture of dwelling in the Tolmin area is presented, as well as the history and life of local population and the famous Tolmin uprising of peasants in 1713. There is also a wedding room in the museum, and a gallery, where temporary exhibitions are mounted.

Photos: (1) Miljko Lesjak, Tolminski muzej; (2) Karla Kofol, Tolminski muzej; (3, 4) Marko Grego, Tolminski muzej

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Tolminski muzej
Mestni trg 4
SI–5220 Tolmin
+386 5 381 13 60

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
1.5 hrs


1.5 hrs

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46.182163, 13.732583

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