Permanent Exhibition Memorie della Canal del Ferro

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The permanent exhibition Memories of the Canal del Ferro  (Memorie della Canal del Ferro) is housed on the premises of the former Zucchi barracks in Chiusaforte (Kluže,Klausen). In addition to ammunition, personal equipment of soldiers and a section dedicated to food and life of soldiers on the front, the special feature of this exhibition is the plaster copies of friezes and inscriptions on military items in the mountains of the area. The copies were made by the association that takes care of the exhibition and had previously gained decades of experience in this field. In this way, the heritage has been preserved which has become less and less visible over the years due to weather factors.

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If you are coming from Udine or from Tarvisio/Trbiž/Tarvis, take the SS13 state road. When you reach Chiusaforte/Kluže/Klausen, follow the signposts for the Museum which is located in the former barracks Zucchi.


Former Zucchi Barracks
Via Ruffi
I‒33010 Chiusaforte (UD)
+39 333 9683831

Tarvisio Infopoint
Via Roma, 14
I–33018 Tarvisio (UD)
+39 0428 2135

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1 hr

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