Museum of Natural History

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The Museum of Natural History in Trieste/Trst was founded in 1846. It is divided into two sections: one is open to the public and the other is reserved for specialists. The museum displays various collections: zoological, botanic, mineral, geological and paleontological.  A new department hosts a section on the evolution of hominids and displays many important casts of fossil hominids, including the famous “Lucy”.

Photos: Museo di Storia Naturale


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Museo di Storia Naturale
Via dei Tominz, 4
I‒34100 Trieste
+39 040 6754603

Trieste Info Point
Piazza Unità d’Italia, 4/b
I–34121 Trieste
+39 040 3478312

Hiking Biking Families Groups
1 hr


1 hr

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45.640275, 13.800447

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