Museum Collection Railway Station

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Museum collection Railway Station, opened in 2005, houses the exhibition State Border in the Goriška Region 1945‒2004. It is located in the oldest public building in Nova Gorica – the Railway Station, situated next to the border with Italy. This used to be the Gorizia/Gorica North Train Station or the Sveta Gora Railway Station. The exhibition depicts the cultural shock people experienced when a new state border in the Goriška Region changed the lives of people, and divided families and friends overnight.

Text: Goriški muzej Museum
Photo: David Verlič, Goriški muzej

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Muzejska zbirka Kolodvor
(Museum Collection Railway Station)
Kolodvorska pot 8
SI–5000 Nova Gorica
+386 5 33 59 811

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
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1 hr

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45.955476, 13.635407

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