Mt. Vrata

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Demanding | 7–8 hrs

The Krnčica–Vršič–Kal Ridge

The ridge that runs from Mt. Krn towards the Bovec Basin was practically completely conquered by the Italians before the First Isonzo Battle. Only the extreme north-western section of the ridge below Mt. Kal remained in Austro-Hungarian hands and became a scene of fierce combats. Despite many casualties, these positions remained in the Austro-Hungarian hands until the breakthrough of the front. The brutality of these combats was already pointed out by soldiers during the war by means of names they gave to their positions―it was exactly in this area where the so-called ‘trench of the dead’ (la trincea dei morti) was located.

Text: Jaka Fili
Photo: Matevž Lenarčič, Aerovizija, Fundacija Poti miru

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Leaving Kobarid, follow the road to Drežnica and when in the village, turn left towards Drežniške Ravne. At the intersection in front of the village turn right towards Zaprikraj. Leave your car at the parking lot by the water trough and follow the Walk of Peace signposts to the mountain pasture Zapleč, where a path starts ascending towards the Vrata saddle. Before reaching the saddle, you can turn left towards Mt. Vršič. From Vršič you descend directly to the  mountain pasture Zaprikraj.


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Hiking Families Researchers
Demanding | 7–8 hrs


7–8 hrs

GPS coordinates

46.287495, 13.647063


Mt. Vrata 1,938 m; Mt. Vršič 1,897 m

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