Military Watchtower

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The military watchtower is situated in Vrtojba, next to the former Italian-Yugoslavian state border. It was built by the Yugoslav Army in 1948 and was used to oversee the border up until 1991. A breathtaking view from the tower reveals the surroundings, which used to be under strict supervision, especially during the Cold War. On the initiative of Goriški muzej Museum, the Municipality of Šempeter‒Vrtojba declared the military watchtower a cultural site of local importance and saved it from ruin.

Text: Goriški muzej Museum
Photos: (1, 2) Tanja Gorjan, Fundacija Poti miru; (3) David Verlič, Goriški muzej

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Vojaški stražarski stolp
(Military Watchtower)
SI–5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
+386 5 33 59 811

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
30 min.


30 min.

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45.907971, 13.617283

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