Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Lipa na Krasu III

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On the outskirts of the village of Lipa, there were several Austro-Hungarian burial grounds during World War I which were rearranged later on. When Italian’s started to systematically study the military cemeteries after the war, according to their data, 226 soldiers are buried in the Lipa III military cemetery. The cemetery is located in the meadow of Ranke (Obadniki) under St. Ambrose The buried soldiers mostly belonged to the 61st Infantry Regiment (IR 61) from the recruitment area of Temesvár (today’s Timișoara) in Romania.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: Simon Kovačič, Fundacija Poti miru

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The military cemetery Lipa na Krasu lies on a meadow between Temnica and Lipa. The easiest access to the cemetery is to go from Opatje selo towards Kostanjevica na Krasu and further on towards Temnica. A kilometre and a half from Temnica towards Lipa, there is a meadow on the left side of the road with a fenced area at its margin where the central memorial is set.


Center za obiskovalce Pot miru, Pomnik miru Cerje
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Monument of Peace Cerje)
Lokvica 35
SI–5291 Miren
+386 31 310 800

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30 min.

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