Idrija — A UNESCO Heritage Jewel

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Discover the astonishing natural and cultural monuments of the UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija. Take a hiking or cycling trip through the unspoilt nature of the Geopark and explore the Idrija countryside.
Explore more than 500 years of mining tradition in this once second largest mercury mine in the world. A legend says that in 1490, a hooper soaking a tub in a creek found droplets of unusually heavy, unfamiliar shining matter. Ever since then, Idrija, our oldest mining town, has been inseparably connected with the extremely rare and valuable metal―mercury.
Admire how delicately intertwined are the thousand threads of the handmade Idrija lace in the Slovenian bobbin lace capital. Idrija lace is admired all over the world and its universal value was acknowledged when it was entered in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Taste Idrija delicacies produced from chosen locally accessible ingredients. The Idrija žlikrofi are the staple of the restaurant offer in Idrija: this distinctly shaped pasta dish filled with spiced potato balls has the national and European food designation of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed.

Text: TIC Idrija
Photos: Jošt Gantar, Zavod za turizem Idrija

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TIC Idrija
Prelovčeva ulica 5
SI–5280 Idrija
+386 5 374 39 16

Hiking Biking Families Researchers Groups
½–1 day


½–1 day

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46.000442, 14.020724

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