Fort Hermann

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The upper fortification, Fort Hermann, located on a rock ledge on the slope of Mt. Rombon, was also part of the complex of structures in the Bovec blockade (Sperre Flitsch). The Austrians built it between 1897 and 1900. It was more up-to-date in its time than the lower fortification (Fort Kluže). Its task was to keep control over the Bovec basin and the artillery defence of the latter. It was initially named Werk Rombon, but was later renamed Fort Hermann after the captain Johann Hermann von Hermannsdorf, the Austrian commander of the fortress at Predel who was killed, together with practically the whole squad, during the fights against the French in 1809. Ac­cording to contemporary assessments of the constructors, the upper fortification was supposedly firm enough to resist the shelling with the most powerful grenades of the time. It was modernized several times by the beginning of World War I. The two Forts are connected by a boldly laid-out track and also a short cut was made by means of iron pitons which are in a very poor state today. Soon after the onset of fights on the Isonzo Front in May 1915, the Italian artillery shelled Fort Hermann and later put it completely out of action. Consequently, the squad of the Austro-Hungarian soldiers left it for good in May 1916 and moved the guns to other positions in the Bovec area.

Boštjan Burger 360° Surround Photography

Photos: (1, 2) Peter Bijuklič, Fundacija Poti miru; (3) Ana Skobe, Turizem Dolina Soče; (4) Tomo Jeseničnik, Turizem Dolina Soče


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Unveiling the Bovec Gate

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You can reach Fort Kluže from the direction of Bovec or the direction of Predel/Predil Pass. Leave the car by the fort and continue on foot, through a lit tunnel above Koritnica river. At the end of the tunnel follow the indications for Fort Hermann. From Fort Kluže it will take you about half an hour on foot to reach Fort Hermann.


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Hiking Researchers
Easy | 1.5 hrs


1.5 hrs

GPS coordinates

46.359850, 13.588114


650 m

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April‒November, December–March*
*During winter time please check the terrain conditions before your hike!


Trekking clothing and footwear, drinks and food from backpack, flashlight