Archaeological Park Divje babe

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Archaeological Park Divje babe lies in the varied landscape of the Cerkno Hills and is one of the most important Archaeological sites of the Early Stone Age in the world. In a craggy slope, which descends from the Šebrelje plateau into the valley of the Idrijca River, lies a hidden cave. The most famous discovery was the Neanderthal flute. This bone flute is the oldest musical instrument in the world (dating 60,000 years back), therefore the village of Šebrelje in the Cerkno region could be called ‘the cradle of world music’.

Text: LTO Laufar Cerkno
Photos: Gregor Kacin, LTO Laufar Cerkno

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TIC Cerkno
Glavni trg 5
SI–5282 Cerkno
+386 5 373 46 45

Hiking Families Groups
Easy | 2 hrs


2 hrs

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46.112694, 13.914657

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