Museum of the Great War Casa III Armata

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The Museum of the Great War Casa III Armata (Museo della Grande Guerra Casa III Armata) is located at the foot of the Colle Sant’Elia hill and opposite the charnel house in Redipuglia/Redipulja. It is housed in the building that was used by the Third Italian Army.
The first room is dedicated to the Third Army. Here, one can see weapons, a trench installation, photographs of soldiers in trenches, medical implements and also military uniforms.
In the next room, two projects are presented through photographs: the Cemetery of the 30,000 intrepid of the Third Army (Cimitero degli invitti della Terza Armata) and the construction of the charnel house in Redipuglia. One part is also dedicated to the navy, aviation and military curates.
In the third room, intended also for temporary exhibitions, one can see some items used by soldiers.
In the last room, a film is on about the twelve Isonzo battles and the transport of an unknown soldier from Aquileia to the Italian capital.


Casa III Armata Museum is closed due to renovation until further notice.

Photos: (1) Simon Kovačič, Fundacija Poti miru; (2‒4) Gabriele Menis, PromoTurismoFVG


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Redipuglia and Dolina del XV Bersaglieri

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The Museum is located by the SR305 regional road at the foot of the Colle di Sant’Elia hill and opposite the Charnel House of Redipuglia/Redipulja.


Casa III Armata
Via III Armata
I‒34070 Fogliano Redipuglia (GO)
+39 0481 489024

Centro visitatori Walk of Peace, IAT Fogliano Redipuglia
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, IAT Fogliano Redipuglia)
Via III Armata, 37
I–34070 Fogliano Redipuglia (GO)
+39 0481 489139, +39 346 176 1913

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1 hr

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