Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery Brje pri Komnu II

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On the outskirts of the village of Brje pri Komnu, there were five Austro-Hungarian cemeteries during World War I. At the end of the war, Brje I military cemetery was abandoned and the mortal remains moved to other cemeteries. The Italian register for military cemeteries, that was done after the war states:
-Brje II (known today as Brje III (in a doline by the road towards Škofi)): 798 buried soldiers,
-Brje III (known today as Brje I (by the main road towards Tublje)): 1,317 buried soldiers,
-Brje IV (it bears the same name today (the first cemetery by the forest path towards the south)): 1,063 buried soldiers,
-Brje V (known today as Brje II (the last cemetery by the forest road towards south)): 401 buried soldiers.


Register of the Fallen Soldiers

Photos: (1) Simon Kovačič, Fundacija Poti miru; (2–4) Fundacija Poti miru

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The military cemeteries Brje I, II, III, & IV lie at the southern fringe of Brje pri Komnu by the road running from Brje towards Tublje pri Komnu. The easiest access to the cemeteries is to go from Gorjansko towards Pliskovica. After about two kilometres you reach Brje pri Komnu and only about 300 metres after the last house in the village in the direction towards Tublje, there is the military cemetery Brje I on the right side of the road. To reach the military cemeteries Brje II & IV take a cart track that branches off to the right a good 100 metres after the village. The military cemetery Brje III lies in a sinkhole, about 150 metres from the branching for Škofi off the road from Brje.


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