The Biotope of Ponteacco/Petjag


A short nature trail leads from the village of Ponteacco/Petjag through a forest to the River Natisone/Nadiža, and to an old mill. Along the trail, amidst unspoiled nature, there is a small cave, named Škratova jama (Dwarf’s Cave); not far from it, there is another cave, Jama dol par malne (Cave down by the Mill; the shelter of Biarzo), considered one of the oldest human dwelling places in the north-eastern Alpine area, inhabited between the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages, of which archaeological finds bear evidence. Near the cave, in the village of Biarzo/Bjarč, there is a mill dating from 1821, which operated until the great flood of 22 June 1958 and was restored after the 1976 earthquake.


Photo: ISK Benečija

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Centro visitatori ‟Walk of Peace”,
IAT Valli del Natisone
(The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre,

IAT Valli del Natisone)
Via Alpe Adria, 73
I–33049 S. Pietro al Natisone (UD)
+39 349 3241168, +39 339 8403196


GPS coordinates

46.145893, 13.486986

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