Archaeological Site of San Giusto

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On the Hill of San Giusto (St. Justin) in Trieste/Trst, the earliest settlement “castelliere” was built already in the prehistoric times. In Roman times, walls were added to protect it. The first public and religious buildings were erected (basilica, temple – probably dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva). In the 1st century A.D. the Propylaea and the base of the original Civic Basilica were built. The Propylaea, the monumental entrance to the sacred area, is still visible today. Between 1929 and 1934, the Civic Basilica with a nave and two isles and the paved stalls area were unearthed. This was probably the Forum or part of it. The Forum was a large open space where Romans met and discussed business. In the Middle Ages, the Castle and the Cathedral were built next to it.

Photo: Maurizio Valdemarin, PromoTurismoFVG

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