New promotional brochure Kanal – Museum collections

There are five private museum collections of cultural heritage on display in the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči: Franc Jerončičʼs Museum Collection in Melinki on the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge, Lukčeva hiša Museum Collection in Kambreško, Ročinj Museum Collection, Jug’s Museum Collection in Avšje and Museum Collection 1914–1917 on the train station in Kanal. These are ethno-war collections of private enthusiasts, which can be visited by prior arrangement.

Private Museum Collections in the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči are an important part of the local, regional and national cultural heritage that intertwines with the exceptional landscape and biotic diversity of this area. The complete range of exhibits, the heirlooms of past times, reflect and tell the story of values, identities, religious and other beliefs, and knowledge and traditions of people from the Soča Valley, embedded between the bordering hills of the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge on the west and the Banjšice Plateau on the east.

The area of the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči, with its private collections and other remains of the Isonzo Front, is part of the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic trail, which connects the heritage of the Isonzo Front and natural and cultural sites found down the former front line.


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