Summer Guided Tours

Join us on our guided tours along the Walk of Peace! Together we shall discover the secrets of WW1 history and the beauty of nature from the Alps to the Adriatic.


WW1 Outdoor Museum
Ravelnik – In the Shelter of Mountains

Along the organized circular path of the outdoor museum on a minor elevation near Bovec, surrounded by mighty mountains where the Austro-Hungarian first line of defence under Mt. Rombon resisted the Italian attacks, we shall discover the numerous remains and heritage from more than a hundred years ago. A genuine display of the surviving machine gun emplacements, caves, pillboxes, cabins, trenches, etc., now interlaced with lush nature, will put us in direct contact with the memory that is inherent to this landscape.

Each Wednesday at 10:00 in July and August.
Prior registration required by Tuesday 8:00 p.m. at +386 31 586 296 or info@thewalkofpeace.com
Price: 17,00 €/person
Duration of the guided tour: 60–90 min.
Assembly point: 46.341117, 13.570446


WW1 outdoor museum
Kolovrat – a view over the front

The Kolovrat ridge rises above the Soča Valley and offers exceptional views over the emerald river, the Julian Alps, Venezia-Giulia, the Friuli lowland and the Adriatic Sea. Today, we can enjoy the peace of unspoiled nature here, while during World War I the Kolovrat had to witness the destructive Isonzo Front. In the outdoor museum we are going to explore the onetime Italian line of defence with the preserved command posts, shooting positions, a network of trenches and caves with the impressive spiral stairs in one of them. This formerly crucial line of division is nowadays a symbol of the unifying power of remembrance, since we shall walk on both territories, the Italian and the Slovenian, while discovering the history of WW1.

In July and August each Friday at 9:30.
Prior registration required by Thursday 8:00 p.m. at +386 31 586 296 or info@thewalkofpeace.com
Price: 17,00 €/person
Duration of the guided tour: 1.5 hrs.
Assembly point: parking area at the Walk of Peace Info Point on Kolovrat


WW1 Outdoor Museum
Sabotin – The Park of Peace

Almost each stone in the Mt. Sabotin Park of Peace could tell a story about the Austro-Hungarian and Italian soldiers, fortifying their battle positions. During World War I the mountain was drilled from all sides and crisscrossed by galleries, trenches and caves. Due to its strategic position over the River Soča it was first an important Austro-Hungarian bridgehead on the right bank, but in the Sixth Isonzo Battle in August 1916 it was conquered, together with Gorizia/Gorica, by the Italian Army. The ascent up Mt. Sabotin is rewarded by a panoramic view of the Vipava Valley and the Brda/Collio Hills, to the Kras, the Friuli Lowland and the Julian Alps. The facilities of the former border guard post at Sabotin host an innovative multimedia visitor centre. The centre comprises a museum, an info point and numerous remains, which make it an important stop along the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic trail. The nearby snack-bar offering the tasty local jota stew and other delicacies.

Every Saturday, Sunday and Holiday at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00
Price: 5 €/person
Duration of the guided tour: 1.5 hrs.
Assembly point: at the Walk of Peace Visitor Centre Sabotin
Information: bogdan.potokar@siol.net, +386 40 253 234

Park of Peace Cerje
Monument of Peace and Underground Secrets of Caves

A guided tour through the Park of Peace links the remains of WW1, including the Monument of Peace, the Pečinka Cave and the Throne of Boroević, into a rich historical narrative. From the 25-meter-high memorial on Cerje at the edge of the Kras Plateau, breath-taking views open from the sea to the Alps. The experience includes a welcome drink, a film about WW1, an interactive exhibition on the Isonzo Front, The Dance of Life and Death, a masterpiece by painter R. Španzel, and other contents from Slovenian history. The local bistro invites you to taste local specialities and enjoy a cup of coffee, as well as the best view over the surrounding panorama.

Each Saturday in July and August at 10:00.
Prior registration required by Thursday 17:00.
Price: 15 €/person Duration of the guided tour: 2.5 hrs.
Assembly point: at the Monument of Peace Cerje
Information: info@mirenkras.si or +386 31 310 800


Military Narrow-Gauge Railway

The story of feldban begins in World War I. In August 1916, the Italian Army pushed the Austro-Hungarian Army to the left bank of the Soča (Isonzo) river, cutting its supply route via the Bohinj Railway. As the remaining railways failed to provide sufficient supplies, they promoted the construction of new sections of narrow-gauge railway – feldban (Feldbahn). They connected the battlefield with the railway station at Logatec. From here, the feldban ran along the road to Godovič and then towards Črni Vrh and Lokve, the second part branched off towards Idrija.  On the guided hike you will get to know the section from Godovič to Idrija in the Strug gorge. You will see the tunnel, embankments, supporting walls, cuttings, remains of the feldban bridge and the levelling with the turning point. There, the feldban turned back in the direction to Idrija.

Each Saturday at 10:00 in July, August and September.
Prior registration required by Thursday, 12 a.m. at +386 5 37 43 916 or tic@visit-idrija.si
Price: 15 €/person (surcharge 3 €/person for a snack)
Duration of the guided tour: 4 hrs
Assembly point: parking area by the football field in Idrija